posted 2022/5/23   _220730_22ChapChal-2.htm
Followup news from the April Chapter Challenge: the song "Tug of War" from Joe Bermudez made the top 25 worldwide!

posted 2022/5/9   _20220809_ComeauxEdgehillHold2205.htm
Congratulations again to Tim Comeaux - Julia Keefe of Edgehill Music Publishing is hanging on to Tim's song following NSAI's latest online pitch session!

posted 2022/4/27   _20220727_ChapChallenge2204.htm
Big congratulations to the 8 songwriters who brought awesome songs to the April Chapter Challenge! Members chose Joe Bermudez' song "Tug of War" to represent our chapter, and A J Capowski's song "It's Just My Fate" as first alternate!

posted 2022/3/16   _20220616_JmcCOTW202202.htm
Joe McClure was noted as ONE TO WATCH by the NSAI evaluators in February!

posted 2022/4/12   __OTW2203.htm
Tim Comeaux and Joe Bermudez have done it again! Each was named ONE TO WATCH by the NSAI evaluators in March.