Calendar of Events

Dates and venues may change, so check back often.

We devote half to most of our meeting time to "critiques" - we listen to songs brought by members and share our constructive thoughts - more about critiques.  If you'd like to play your song

In all cases, to attend you'll need to sign up (see below)!

Some in-person meetings start with a discussion of a particular topic such as co-writing, the writing business, chord progressions, etc, or tackling songwriting exercises. 

Now meeting last Wednesdays, mostly.

next meeting:

Wednesday, June 26, 7pm - 10pm
This all-critiques in-person meeting is at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Waltham (map).  A $5 donation is requested at each meeting to cover the use of the church hall.  Non-members are welcome to attend for $10 total after the first two meetings.

PLEASE SIGN UP (whether you're bringing a song or not) in late June at
Then at 7pm on Wednesday June 26, join us at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Waltham.

coming up:

Wednesday, July 31, 7pm - 10pm (tentative)
Online meeting via Zoom.